Iolite Zircon Ring 925 Solid Sterling Silver Rhodium Polished Ring


Product : 925 Solid Sterling Silver
Polished : Rhodium Polished
Gemstone : Iolite,Zircon
Are you looking For the perfect engagement ring to give that you are love?
this ring is a beautiful piece of jewelry this beautiful ring will be a gift that she will treasure forever.Honor the special in your life on her birthday. your anniversary graduations. or even as an engagement ring.
We are selling our Gemstones and Ring in Wholesale Price. Our All Gemstones are Natural.

Iolite is the gemstone variety of the mineral cordierite. … The colour of the stones can be quite varied, ranging anywhere from very light blue to deeper blue, usually with a beautiful purplish tinge. As with almost every other blue gemstone, the deeper the colour, the more valuable iolite is



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